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Bulk duplicate POD product

Bulk duplicate products in large quantities help users to duplicate many products based on the original product, but this feature only applies to products with designs.

Step-by-Step guideline

1- Login the BurgerShop admin > Product > All products > Action> Bulk duplicate

2- In the Create new product page, add a title and upload new designs


  • Please read the information carefully before uploading the design file.
  • Sellers can upload designs that are different in size from the designs in the original product so make sure those designs ensure accuracy to print with the best quality. Turn on “Use different size” to agree to this option.
  • For Printed Apparel products, we note that you can create max 50 new campaigns.
  • For Full Printed Apparel products, you can create max 5 new campaigns.

3- Click Save


  • Users cannot batch duplicate products that contain more than 1 design file type.
  • For example, with a product that contains two product types: A printed Tee and All over-print Hoodie, you cannot mass copy this product.

  • Rejected activities will display the warning “You cannot bulk duplicate this campaign because it has more than one design”