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Install the Pinterest tag on BurgerShop

You can integrate Pinterest Tag into your online store to help you understand more about customer behaviors and traffic sources. Pinterest Tag collects data about how customers are using your online store pages so that you can more effectively plan your ad campaigns to find new customers. This article will help you install the Pinterest tag on BurgerShop in a few easy steps!

I- Get your Pinterest Tag ID

1- Log into your Pinterest business account.

2- Click Ads at the top of the screen, then click Conversions

3- Click Add Code.

4- Copy the Tag ID of your Pinterest Ads account.

5- Back to the Conversions page, in Automatic enhanced match section, select Edit options.

6- Enable Automatic enhanced match, then turn on only Email.

7- Select Done.

II- Install the Pinterest Tag

1- Login to BurgerShop admin > Store channel > Preference

2- Paste Pinterest ID to Pinterest Tag ID

3- Click Save