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Importing Products via CSV files

If you need to upload multiple products to BurgerShop simultaneously, use the import product function. Follow this guide to import your products efficiently.

Step-by-Step Guideline:

Step 1: Access the Import Function

  • From the BurgerShop admin site, go to Products > All Products > Import. 

The system will display the import products popup.

Step 2: Download the Sample CSV template

  • Click on the sample CSV template text/
  • The system will automatically download the sample CSV file for you.

Step 3: Enter Product Information into the CSV file

  • Fill in the necessary product information into the CSV file. Pay attention to the following details:
    • Handle: Required. No spaces (use dashes – between words), avoid Vietnamese characters. If you select “overwrite” and the URL handle is the same, it will overwrite the product data. If not, it will skip imported products with the same URL handle.
    • Title: Required. No more than 255 characters.
    • Body (HTML): Optional. No more than 4000 characters.
    • Option1 Name: Required. At least one option.
    • Option1 Value: Required. At least one value for the option.
    • Variant SKU: Required if applicable. Ensure SKUs do not overlap for multiple SKUs.
    • Image Src: Required. Provide links to images in PNG or JPG format.
    • Status: Optional. Choose either Active or Draft. If left blank, the system will default to Active.

Step 4: Upload the CSV file

  • After completing the CSV file, upload it to the system.
  • Click the Submit button for the system to process the file.

Possible Outcomes

Scenario: System Returns an Issue with the File

  • If the system returns a message like “Your import contains an invalid item type. You can still import, but any invalid types will not be assigned,” it means there is an issue with your file. Review and correct the errors.

If you proceed with the import, the system will notify you via email about the detailed issues in the CSV file.

Scenario: System Accepts the File

  • If the system confirms that your file works, you can continue submitting to finish the process.

By following these steps, you can efficiently import multiple products into your BurgerShop store using a CSV file, streamlining the process of bulk uploading product information.