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Create a promotion code

A manual discount code is a promotional code that only applies to the discount when a customer adds the discount code to their cart. You can provide your customers with a discount code of a certain amount, a discount on a discounted rate, or a discount in the form of free shipping for products, collections, or variations in your store. In this article, we’ll show you how to manually generate a discount code in just a few steps.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1- From your BurgerShop admin site, go to Store Channel > Promotion. Click Create promotion and select the promotion type that you want

2- In Create promotion page, enter a name for the new discount code. To generate a random discount code, click Generate code. When a customer enters this code at the checkout page, the discount will be applied to the customer’s cart.

Percentage or Fixed amount

  • Percentage: enter the percentage of the discount.
  • Fixed amount: enter a certain discount amount.
  • In the Applies to section: select the type of products in the order that the discount will be applied to such as Specific collections or specific products.

In the Minimum Requirement section, you can choose the conditions to apply the discount: NoneMinimum purchase amountMinimum quantity of items.

Free Shipping

In the Countries category, select the countries where the discount is available, such as All countries or Selected countries.

  • Countries are based on the customer’s shipping address.


  • You cannot use smart sell and promotion code at the same time, if a promotion code is created with Discount code method, the system will prefer to apply for promotion and remove smart sell with the product that is applied

  • You can use smart sell and promotion code at the same time if a promotion code is created with Automatic discount

  • You can only create one automatic discount at a time (That means if an automatic discount is available, you cannot create additionally)