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Create Facebook Pixels and generate Access Tokens for your Pixels

This article goes into detail on how to create Meta Pixels (Facebook Pixels) and generate respective Access Tokens to help set up Conversions API on Facebook, which helps you increase the efficiency of online ads for your store.

I- Create a Facebook Pixel

To create a Facebook Pixel, you need access to Facebook Business Manager for your online store.

1- Log in to Events Manager.

2- Click Connect Data Sources.

3- Select Web and click Connect.

4- Enter your new pixel’s name in Name, then click Create.

5- Enter your website URL.

6- Select Do it yourself, then click Next.

7- Select Conversions API and Meta Pixel and click Next.

8- Select Set up manually and press Next.

9- After creating a Facebook Pixel, go to Settings. Here, you will get a Pixel ID. This Pixel ID can then be attached to your BurgerShop online store, which would give you detailed insights on conversions, audience profiles, and behaviors on your website.

11- Select events to follow the events that you want

12- Click Confirm step

13- Finish

II- Generate an Access Token for Facebook Pixel

Conversions API works simultaneously with Facebook Pixel to optimize the efficiency of your Facebook ads by sending events directly from the server to Facebook. These server events are attached to a specific Facebook Pixel. To set it up, you need to generate an Access token for the previously created Pixel.

To generate an access token, you need to have admin access to Facebook Business Manager.

1- Log in to Events Manager.

2- Choose a specific Pixel to set up Conversions API.

3- Choose Settings.

4- Click Generate Access Token under Conversions API section.

5- Copy the generated Access token. You should save this access token somewhere safe, as it won’t be stored on Facebook.