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Instructions for setting up email configuration for the domain

Email config is a feature that allows sellers to choose to use BurgerShop’s email service or the seller’s email service to send emails to buyers.

On the email sender settings section, there will be two items named BurgerPrints Sending Service and Other.


For domains purchased through BurgerShop, BurgerPrints Sending Service will automatically activate.

For external domains, the seller needs to configure DNS to activate BurgePrints email profile or add the seller’s external mail service (Seller can still use the seller’s mail service if desired in case the domain is purchased through BurgerPrints).

I. Set up BurgerPrints Sending Service

To set up email configuration for BurgerPrints, click on BurgerPrints Sending Service. Then click on the text “Configure DNS”.

The system will now create DNS records for the corresponding domain. Now you need to copy the newly created record and declare it on Couldfare

  • Default name: The default name will be displayed on the email sent to the buyer
  • Default email: The default email will be displayed on the email sent to the buyer

After declaring the record on Cloudflare, please check the box “I’ve added these records.” and select verify. The system will return the message “Configure DNS … (domain) is in process, please wait a few minutes” => Return to the list screen after a few minutes.

The results displayed

II. Set up other

To set up an email sender for your email, click on the “Other” button => text “Configure“. The screen will now display “Configure Email Sender

Now you need to enter the necessary information in the email config section:

Step 1: Enter information in the Default name field:

  • The default name will be displayed on the email sent to the buyer

Step 2: Enter valid email in the Default email field:

  • The default mail will be displayed on the email sent to the buyer
  • Note: Default email will be the email that sends notifications to the buyer when you use 3rd party’ SMTP. In case you use gmail’s SMTP, the system will take the SMTP creation email as the default email.

Step 3: Choose Method:

  • Select a communication protocol used to send and receive email over the Internet

Step 4: Enter SMTP Hostname

Step 5: Emter SMTP Port

Note: If you already have a 3rd party account – SMTP, enter the SMTP Hostname and port information on the 3rd party account. In case you do not have another 3rd party SMTP account, please use STMP of gmail, now SMTP hostname of gmail will be: and port is: 465

Step 6: Enter the email information you registered with SMTP

In this step, you need to create a password protected by 2 layers by Google (not the password to log in to gmail).

To create a 2-layer protected password by Google, open your Google account => Manage your Google Account” => Security => 2-Step Verification

Now the 2-Step Verification screen will display, you need to enable this feature. Then drag the screen down, select App passwords

At this time, the app password screen will display, enter the app name and click the “Create” button => Google will return the password you need. Please save the password you just created for SMTP

Now, please continue to step 6 by entering the email and SMTP password you just created

Step 7: Enter test email

In this step, please enter a test email to make sure the steps have been completed

After successfully testing the email, click on the active button to complete

The results displayed: