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Connect Stripe to your store

Stripe is an American payment gateway that allows e-commerce sites to receive payments on their sales website. It is the best software platform for doing business on the Internet. This software is processing billions of dollars every year for businesses around the world. Below is a guide on connecting Stripe as a payment gateway for your online store. 

I- Set up your Stripe account

I.1. Create your Stripe account

1- Go to Stripe register page

2- Fill in the required fields, then create your Stripe account. You can skip the first question by clicking Skip for now, then confirm your email registered to confirm your account.

I.2. Confirm your Stripe account

To confirm your Stripe email and account:

1- Check your email inbox and look for a confirmation email sent from Stripe (by [email protected]) named Confirm your Stripe email address!

2- Click the confirmation link in this email and log in with your credentials recently created

Your Stripe account is now confirmed. You should now activate it to be able to receive money via this Stripe account.

I.3. Activate your Stripe account

As you will receive money from your customers via your Stripe account, you have to provide some details such as your address and your bank account. This data is secured by Stripe and won’t be shared with anyone.

To activate your Stripe account:

1- Log in your Stripe account and click the Activate your account link in the left menu.

2- Complete all the fields according to the instructions. It’s OK to activate your account as an individual, you don’t need a company ID. Stripe may review your account later but you can activate it immediately.

3- The activation form varies based on your country, so select that first!

4- Once completed, click Activate account.

5- Your Stripe account may still need to be reviewed by Stripe. It’s automatic, and it should be a very quick process.

6- After the automatic activation process, you may need to provide additional information to Stripe for identity verification. If you get this notification, click on Review on the dashboard as shown below. If you are not prompted for additional information, you can move to the next step.

II- Connect Stripe Account by Open Authorization

Note: When connecting Stripe from non-supported-by-Stripe countries (such as Vietnam and China), you must use IPs and change proxy to USA location via VPN. After the connection is finished, you can use your IP as normal. You can check here if your country is supported.

1- Go to your BurgerShop store admin Store channel Preferences

2- In Stripe section, click Manage > Connect Stripe.

III- Connect Stripe Account by adding Public Key & Private key

First, get your API keys from Stripe:

1- Click Developers > API Keys in the left menu item.

2- Copy the value from the Publishable key and Secret key rows, from the Token column

3- Go to your BurgerShop store admin Store channel Preferences

4- 2- In Stripe section, click Manage > Add Key