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Understand Theme Editor

With the upgraded version of Theme Editor – Theme Editor, BurgerShop can further increase the user experience and make it easier for you to customize your storefront’s theme. This article will provide you with an overview of Theme Editor.

In Theme Editor, section settings have been updated to boost versatility and make it easier to tailor your storefront. You can freely add multiple sections to a page. Each page has a different list of sections that you can add.

1- To add a new section to a page: Scroll down to the end of the left side bar and click on Add section. A list of available sections for your selected page will be displayed.

Available section on homepage

Note: You cannot add a new section to the store’s header and footer.

2- Select the section you want to add.

3- Click and drag the section to your desired place.

4- To edit a section: Click on the section you want to edit and change the settings. Each section will have a different set of available settings.

5- To hide/show a section: Click on the eye icon next to the section’s name.

6- To remove a section: Click on the section you want to delete and select Remove section.