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Create POD product

This article guides you on how to add a dropship product and its details to your online store from the BurgerShop admin page.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1- From your BurgerShop admin, go to Products > All products.

2- From the Products page, click Create POD product.

3- Select product type from BurgerPrints catalog.

4- Upload design & choose colors

After uploading the design, you can view an overview design of the product. Don’t forget to click Save

5- Enter a title for your product, along with additional details in Create product

In which:

  • Title: Product name you want your customers to see. Product names can contain up to 255 letters.
  • Description: Try to have a compelling and informative description that will entice buyers to take on-site actions like Add To Cart or Buy Now
  • Design: If you are selling POD products, design function is to upload that one
  • Mockup: This section shows your product images to customers. You can choose Add Mockup to add the image from your device.
  • Option: Allows you to set information regarding product variations, such as color and size
  • Price: Selling price of the product which is displayed for the customer to see.
  • SKU (stock keeping unit): Item codes to help the classification of goods in the warehouse be more detailed, such as sorting by style, date of manufacture, size,…. This code is very useful in the process of managing your inventory
  • Compare at price: The original price of the product on sale, which is shown to the customer.
  • Cost: Cost the seller is charged for a product or variant, only visible in the BurgerShop admin page, not to the customers.
  • Tags: This field allows the seller to add tags associated with the product
  • Vendor: You can fill in information about manufacturers, retailers, or suppliers here.
  • Category: Collections of products that have one or more similarities. This field allows the seller to choose which collection to add products to. Before you can select collections for your product, you must create a new collection
  • Product type: You can fill in information about the product category in this field. There can only be one product per product. You can create an entirely new product category or choose from one of the product categories you’ve created earlier. To create a new product type, enter the product type in the Product type field and then Enter
  • Personalize: Customize some of the characteristics of the product according to their preferences before placing an order
  • Status: Enable Active or Draft
  • SEO engine: Displays a preview of how your product will appear in search engine results. The preview includes the page title, the URL and handle and Meta description