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Overview order

After a customer places an order, related processes such as managing all orders, processing customer orders and abandoned checkout orders are an important part of an online business. BurgerShop offers sellers the tools to easily and conveniently execute these tasks. This section will introduce and guide you on how to use BurgerShop tools to handle your order-related issues effectively.

I- The status of the order bar:

1- Pay: The status of orders purchased by customers on the store and production costs have been paid with BurgerPrints fullfillments service.

2- Processed: Orders are being produced.

3- Shipped: The orders have been shipped.

4- Cancel: Orders were successfully refunded by the seller

II- The information on the order

1- All: All orders are created.

2- Payment: orders purchased by customers or manually created by seller in the store.

Status include:

  • Paid: The order has been paid
  • Unpaid: The order has not been paid to fulfillment ( Only applies to manual orders)

3- Order ID: Order code

4- Tracking: Là phương thức vận chuyển.

5- Reference: Secondary order code set by the seller, may or may not be present (not required)

6- Customer: The information of buyer

7- Amount: Total order value

8- Date: The date the order was created

9-Fulfillment: Status include:

  • Unfulfilled: orders that have not yet been produced.
  • Scheduled: orders in progress.
  • Fulfilled: produced orders