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Create manual collection

On BurgerShop, you can create a collection and select each item to be included in the collection manually. This gives you extensive control over which items are included in the collection

Step-by-step guide

1- From your BurgerShop admin, go to Products > Collections and click on Create Collection.

2- You will be directed to Create Collection page.

In which:

  • Title: Enter a name of the collection.
  • Description: Write the collection description.
  • SEO engine: Edit collections displayed on search bar by clicking on Edit website SEO. Edit the collection title displayed on search engines in the Page title field (up to 70 characters), edit the collection description displayed on search engines in the Meta description field (up to 320 characters), edit the link of the collection in the URL and handle field
  • Default image: Upload photo from your device

3- Click Save