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Connect BurgerPrints app to syn orders with fulfillment

This app makes it easy to fulfill orders with BurgerPrints fulfillment service.

Step-by-Step guideline:

I- Create BurgerPrints fulfillment store

1- Login to BurgerPrints dashboard, go to Store Channel > Click Add store

2- Click Fulfillment store

3- Enter fulfillment store name

4- Click Fulfillment store setting to get API code

5- Copy the API key

II- Connect BurgerPrints app on your online store

1- Go to BurgerShop admin > App > BurgerPrints app

2- Enable BurgerPrints Fulfillment

3- Choose BurgerShop store to connect fulfillment > click Connect

4- Paste the API key that you copied above

5- Click Done


  • When your website has an order, the order will be automatically synchronized via BurgerPrints app
  • Tracking numbers can only be synchronized from BurgerPrints store to BurgerShop store.
  • Fill in the Fulfillment store name same as BurgerShop store name to avoid confusion when searching for orders