How Can We Help?

Overview of Our Support Resources

  1. Product Management
    • Creating Products: Step-by-step guides on adding new products, including dropship and print-on-demand (POD) products.
    • Managing Products: Instructions for editing product details, adding variants, and importing products via CSV files.
    • Enhancing Product Pages: Tips on adding images, videos, and personalization options to product descriptions.
  2. Order Management
    • Order Processing: Guides on creating, editing, and managing orders.
    • Order Tracking: Instructions on exporting and importing order tracking information.
    • Refunds and Cancellations: Steps to cancel and refund orders when necessary.
  3. Theme Customization
    • Home Page: Detailed instructions on customizing various sections of your home page.
    • Product Pages: Guides to adjust settings and display options on product pages.
    • Checkout Page: Tips on personalizing the checkout experience for your customers.
    • General Settings: Customization options for colors, typography, and adding favicons.
  4. Domain and Email Configuration
    • Connecting Domains: Steps to connect a third-party domain to your store.
    • Buying Domains: Instructions on purchasing a domain directly from BurgerShop.
    • Email Configuration: This guide is for setting up custom email addresses using your domain.
  5. Team Management
    • Adding Staff Accounts: Steps to create staff accounts with varying permission levels to manage your store.