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How to build a print-on-demand website with BurgerShop

On BurgerShop, you can easily set up a POD website that is user-friendly and fully optimized for online merchants

In this article, you will find information on how to fully take advantage of setting up your online stores with a few steps.

I- Set up store

1- Create POD products

2- Connect the domain to your store

3- Set up payment providers

At BurgerShop, we provide payment gateways to your store to conveniently connect so your customers can easily select different payment methods to pay for their orders. Refer this topic to payment guidelines.

If you fulfill with BurgerPrints, please refer to the instruction for depositing money into your wallet

II- Store optimization

After finishing the basic settings, it’s time to start optimizing your store by adding tracking codes, choosing the most suitable theme, creating upsell and cross-sell offers, and setting up the necessary shipping information

1- Add tracking codes to your store.

From your BurgerShop admin, you can add performance tracking codes like Google Analytics and codes to track the effectiveness of advertising via Facebook, Google, and Klaviyo following the guidelines in this article.

2- Select and customize a theme for your store

Currently BurgerShop’s template is completely free, you can create a unique e-commerce store with your outstanding products and offer your customers a positive user experience. Following the guidelines in this article

3- Create upsell and cross-sell offers

With SmartSell app, it’s easy to create different upsell and cross-sell offers to encourage your customers to purchase more products and increase your revenues. Please refer to this article for more details about up & cross-sell

4- Set up shipping rates:

You should set up shipping rates suitable for the products you are selling and the regions you are shipping. Refer to this article to guide shipping rate

III- Start selling

Select and activate a subscription plan to keep your store up and working smoothly. Please refer to this article for the guideline subscription plan