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Set up shipping class into your BurgerShop store

Shipping is one of the necessary fees when a seller starts to sell an online store and increases reasonable revenue. However, today we will guide you set up the shipping class so the seller can get more fees such as storage costs or packaging, etc based on the item.

Step-by-Step guideline

1- Login to BurgerShop admin > Store channel > Shipping > Add shipping class

2- Enter class name

3- Go to Products > All products > click the product or product list that you want to add shipping class

4- On the product page, click to add Shipping class and then click Save

Note: Each shipping class is available for a product

5- Click Manage shipping rate

If you have not created custom shipping, please refer to this article to understand more

6- In the custom shipping rates page, select the shipping method you want and then click Edit

7- In the Edit rate page, set up shipping class rate

Note: shipping rate formula = $0.00*[qty]

8- Click Done

Example: Shipping fee = Stardard shipping fee + class shipping fee = 4.99 +1*3=7.99