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Import tracking order for dropship product

If you are looking to upload multiple tracking orders to BurgerShop at the same time, please refer to the import product function.

Step-by-step guide

1- Log in the BurerShop admin, go to Order > Tracking management

2- Choose the selected store or all stores to import tracking, click Import

3- In the Import tracking popup, click sample CSV template to download stardard template

4- Enter info into CSV file and click Upload

Note: Click the “Overwrite tracking number for any current order” checkbox if you want to overwrite the old tracking number of orders with new tracking in the import file.


  • Order Id: Required information, taken from the BurgerPrints system according to the correct order on the existing system.
  • Line item id:
  • Tracking: Required information, this section must not leave blank spaces and must not exceed 40 characters.
  • Tracking carrier: Required information, seller fills in this information himself. The tracking carrier must enter the correct name in the list carrier.
  • Date shipped: Required information, sellers fill in this information themselves in the correct format mm/dd/yyyy.

5- Click Upload and preview to show the tracking order that you

6- Click Import to finish

After successful import, the system will automatically send a new tracking notification to your email