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Set up sale prices on products

When you put a product on sale for a lower price or simply want to create urgency so the customers will have more willingness to add the product, you might want your customers to be able to see the original price, so they see the price comparison.

With BurgerShop, to show a product on sale in your online store without using discount codes, your product details need to include a product price and the original price, called the compare-at-price.


1- From your BurgerShop admin site, go to Product > All Products. Click on Create product to create a new product or click on an existing product to edit.

2- Click Edit or you will be directed to a detailed page to set up the Price and Compare-at-price for the product variant.

Note: If the Price is equal to the Compare-at-price, the Compare-at-price will not be shown.