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What’s the problem with creating multiple offers at the same time?

Each order can only apply for one promotion on SmartSell. If a merchant creates more than one SmartSell offer on their online store, they will be applied in the following order:

2Quantity discountMedium
3Suggest productLow


  • When applying a SmartSell offer, if the customer enters the promotion code and presses “Apply” to use it, the system will replace the SmartSell offer with the promotion code.
  • In case the code is invalid, the promotional code will not be applied and the system will keep the SmartSell offer intact.
  • After using a valid promotion code to pay an order, the customer cannot return to SmartSell offers. If the customer wants to apply SmartSell offers, the customer needs to create another order.
  • The valid promotion will replace the SmartSell offer.
  • The automatic promotional code can be applied with the SmartSell offer at the same time