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Overview team management

As a store owner, you can create accounts for your staff who can get access to BurgerShop admin site and help to run the business together, without sharing highly private information (such as billing and subscription)

An account may have one of the following permission levels:

1- Owner Permissions: has unlimited access to their ShopBase store. They can manage the account and financial information.

2- Full Permissions: access to all sections on the BurgerShop admin site, except for the Billing section containing sensitive or financial information.

3- Limited Permissions: can only access particular sections of the store (selected by the store owner). Even though they can see the section(s) on the sidebar, the section text is greyed out and they can’t view any information there.

Note: You can set up staff accounts with limited permissions to prevent them from doing specific actions, such as viewing your analytics or changing the app and general settings.