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Export products for Feed from BurgerShop

BurgerShop sellers can export their product information to a CSV file for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Upload the feed for Google, Facebook, Klaviyo
  • Transfer existing products to another BurgerShop store
  • Backup product list
  • Batch edit products with CSV file


Currently, BurgerShop has removed the product feed feature on the system and instead allows downloading product files corresponding to the product feed template required by Google Shopping, Facebook, and Klaviyo. Therefore, sellers can flexibly customize to upload them to the appropriate feed

This article will guide you to export product information to a CSV file.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1- Login to BurgerShop admin > Products > All products

2- Click Export.

  • If you want to export selected products on the page, select products first and then just click Export.

3- A dialog box appears as below, select the template that you want

4- Click Export

Note: The system will auto-send the export file to your email.