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Understand BurgerShop fee & charge

BurgerShop requires you to charge certain fees to help your store run smoothly and unlock the final step in the buyer’s flow chain. In this article, we will explain all the fees on BurgerShop

Based on your BurgerShop plans and billing cycle, your invoice will show some charges in US dollars.

I. Subscription fees

The recurring charge for using BurgerShop is a subscription fee, and it varies depending on your package. BurgerShop offers 3 package options: Basic, Standard, and  Advanced.

Currently, the subscription fees are paid via Payoneer, Credit Card, or balance

II. Transaction fees

Transaction fees (or payment processing fees) are calculated on each transaction with the formula: % fee * order value

The transaction fee depends on the package you have chosen.

III. What happens when the charge fails

A transaction is considered unsuccessful when BurgerShop is unable to collect your fees. In that case, an email notification will be sent to you with a reminder

Note: If your bill is overdue, you will receive an email with three reminders. After three reminders if you have not paid, your BurgerShop store will be deactivated