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Connecting a third-party domain to BurgerShop

If you already have an available domain, you can choose to connect that domain to BurgerShop.

Conditions: Domain needs to be managed on Cloudflare. If you are managing your domain on another platform, transfer management permission to Cloudflare according to the following instructions

Step 1: Click Setting =>Domain =>Connect existing domain

Step 2: Enter the domain you need to connect on the “Connect existing domain” popup and click the “Add” button

Step 3: Verify the connection

The seller clicks Verify connection => the system checks namedomain.headcheck.html

Case 1: Check the successfully created file.config domain => Successfully connect domain with BurgerShop

Case 2: Check fail => Display error message, seller repeats domain connection step => select Verify again => call domain connect API again

During the domain connection process, if you have difficulty, you can contact BurgerShop’s support team for help.