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Connect Payoneer to your store

Payoneer is an American payment gateway that allows e-commerce sites to receive payments on their sales website. This article is a guide on connecting Payoneer as a payment gateway for your online store.

I- Set up your Payoneer account

To activate Payoneer as payment provider in BurgerShop, ensure you have registered for a Payoneer account. If you haven’t had an account yet, please refer to this article to learn more.

II- Connect Payoneer to your store

1- Go to your BurgerShop store admin > Store channel > Preferences

2- In Payoneer Checkout, click Status to enable

3- After selecting Payoneer, enter Store codeAPI User NameAPI Token, and Webhook. To see how to generate them, please refer to this article Generate your authentication data.

4- Click Save