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Write a blog post

After you have created a blog for your store, you can start writing articles or blog posts with BurgerShop. Your blog posts can contain both text and images to promote your business and attract potential customers.

I- Add a blog

Create your first blog post

1- From your BurgerShop admin site, go to Store channels > Blog posts and click Add blog post.

2- On the Add blog post page, edit the following elements of your blog post:

  • Title (required): Enter a title for your blog post.
  • Content: Enter the content of your blog post. With our rich text editor, you can format your post content however you like. You can also add images, embed videos, insert links, etc.
  • Excerpt (optional): Click Add Excerpt to add a summary of your blog post on your homepage or blog.
  • Search engine listing preview: Click Edit website SEO to edit the search engine listing for your blog post. Please refer to section E of this article for more information.
  • Organization – Author (required): From the drop-down menu, select the name of the blog post’s author. Only the names of the store owner and staff are displayed in this menu.
  • Organization – Blog (required): Select the name of the existing blog where the post will be published, or click Create a new blog to create a new one.
  • Organization – Tag (optional): Add tags to your blog posts to organize them by category or subject. Customers can click on tags to find other blog posts in the same category. You can enter more than one tag and separate each tag by commas. Tags can have up to 255 characters.
  • Featured image: Drop or click to upload your file. Click Update image and select Remove to remove an existing image or Update image to replace the existing image with a new one. Click Edit Alt text to edit the image alt text.
  • Status: By default, blog posts will be visible on your store once you click Save. Alternatively, you can select Hide to hide the blog post from your store and then publish it when it’s ready.

3- Once finished, click Save