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Set up Tiktok to BurgerShop store

You can set up TikTok Pixel into your online store to help you understand more about customer behaviors and the traffic sources

Step by step guideline

I- Get Pixel code from Tiktok

1- Go to Pixel Manager in TikTok and log into your account.

2- Select Tools > Events.

3- Under Web Events, select Manage.

4- Click Create pixel.

5- Select Manual Setup.

6- Enter a name for your Pixel, then click Next.

7- Click “Manually Install Pixel Code” and then click Next.

8- Finish Build funnel events > click Next or click Skip to remove

9- Select Event Builder and click Next.

10- In Event setup methods, click Create events.

Here you will receive the pixel code, press “Continue” to continue completing the steps to install the event for this pixel according to your purposes.

11- Download the TikTok Pixel Helper utility by clicking Install or Update Pixel Helper to continue, then click Refresh

Next, you can choose tracking by website URL or choose tracking by clicking on the website.

12- Copy Pixel code

II- Set up Pixel code on BurgerShop

1- Login to BurgerShop admin > Store channel > Preferences > Scripts in header

2- Paste Pixel code copied above step