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Create a new campaign for Personalize

Personalize allows shoppers to be more satisfied when entering text and choosing images flexibly, thereby getting the results they want.

Step-by-Step guideline

Before creating a new campaign, you need to create the corresponding product

1- Login to BurgerShop admin > App>Personalize 2-

2- Click Product > New campaign

3- Search product that you want and then click Add

4- Click Layer > Upload Design


  • Design is PSD file

After uploading the design, the system will generate corresponding layers with design

5- Click Options to create value options that matches with layers. Click Add

6- Create value options

  • Clipart: Image as PNG that needs to match with your layer
  • Text field: Enter text
  • Upload field: Image as PNG that matches your layer

7- Return Layer to match the value option of Step 6 and upload font settings

Note: You can choose font in Google

8- Select mockup that you created before

9- Make demo on personalize

9- Click Save