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Make a payment with billing on BurgerShop

Billing is a place to compile invoices that sellers need to pay when using BurgerShop’s services

Step-by-Step guideline

1- Login to BurgerShop admin > Billing

The information on the billing bar

  • Name: Billing types are born day by day
  • Created date: The date the billing was created
  • Status: Billing status includes paid and unpaid
  • Amount: Billing value that the seller needs to pay

2- Click Pay now

3- Click Pay $


If your bill is overdue, you will receive an email with three reminders. After three reminders if you have not paid, we will unactive your BurgerShop store

The bill will be automatically generated if the transaction fee is enough or over $20

Each order successfully paid by the buyer will generate a transaction fee.

  • Transaction fee formula = order value * % transaction fee corresponding to plan